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At Chakri Advertising, we offer you a complete range of outdoor media. We own a range of media properties, which include hoardings, prime gantries, neon signs, mobile vans, and bus shelters. What makes a difference is the fact that we own these media and not trading them giving our customers a unique value proposition of price, range and availability.

Additionally, Chakri Advertising has created a unique position in the Outdoor advertising space by creating innovative displays at prime locations in Hyderabad. These displays have not only enthralled the audiences, they have also given our clients an unbelievable combination of impact and visibility for their investment.

BEST and other state media

One of Chakri’ biggest media acquisitions has been BEST media. Chakri Advertising is an official partner of BEST for its media and finds special mention on BEST website. Chakri is your best partner to get BEST media like bus shelters, mobile vans, hoardings etc.

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Chakri Advertising has offered its media to build brands like Hari Hara Estates pvt Ltd, Modi builders, Ankura Hospitals, SSB Builders, Bantia Furniture and many more.


Hari Hara Estates pvt Ltd
Modi builders
Ankura Hospitals
Shloka Birla School
SSB Developers

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